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  1. Plural of land


  1. third-person singular of land






  1. Form of indefinite genitive singular, land

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Land may refer to:
  • Land, the part of the Earth that is not covered by water
  • terrestrial ecoregion
    • Landform, a feature of the land
    • Landscape, the layout, appearance and character of a land area
    • Land bridge, a feature exposed during periods of low sea level
  • Länder, the Federal states of Germany or Austria
  • län in Sweden (and lääni in Finland)
A synonym for a region belonging to a people:
In law:
In economics:
  • Land (economics), a factor of production comprising all naturally occurring resources
  • Land economy, the study of land usage and development
  • Land grant, a gift of land made by the government for public projects
  • Land reform, the redistribution of land
In music:
A surname found in Britain, Denmark, Germany and the US:
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